A Few Tips To Help You Improve Your Golf Skills As A Beginner

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The focus of every newbie in golf is on improving their golf skills. If you are one of them, start looking for an experienced coach offering golf lessons in Sussex. You will learn the various aspects of the game which will help in improving your expertise. You can also become a pro golfer by enhancing your knowledge about the basics of golf.

Various Core Elements Of Golf

  • Setup Golf

A unique feature of golf balls is that they don’t move unless you hit them. You have to position the ball properly before you shot it. Distances to the ball, golf grip, posture, position of the ball and alignment stance are few of the things you have to focus on when setting up the game.

  • Golf Drills

Once you start with the sequences of golf swing, there are some specific areas which are more challenging. The easiest way to master those is by learning golf swing drills in details.

  • Golf Swing

Once you have positioned yourself in front of the ball, hit it. Golf swing is more complex than you think. You can master the game if you break the swing into numerous swing sequences. Few of which are top of the swing, backswing, extension, takeaway, rotation and downswing.

Golf Lessons in Surrey

2 Common Mistakes Golfers Without Proper Coaching Make

  • Golf Hook

Though all golfers don’t suffer from sliding tendency during their swings, there are a few who face problematic swing issues when producing golf hooks. Choose an experienced coach offering golf lessons in Sussex and you can stop hooking.

  • Golf Slice

There is a tendency among beginner golfers to lose golf balls and so golf slices are frustrating for them. Stop slicing and get rid of ruining effects on golf card by hiring a golf coach. They will let you know the reasons behind those slices and help you stop those.

Short Game

This may be defined as the shots that the golfers hit from within 100 yards (more or less) to the pin. It is also known as the scoring game because shots made during the game have a greater impact on the ultimate score. Learn the golf skills tips related to pitching, chipping, hitting bunker shots and putting.

Few Effective Golf Tips For Beginners

  • Position your feet, knees, hips, shoulders and clubface before hitting the ball.
  • Create a wide, solid and stable stance.
  • Tilt your hip instead of your waist if you want a great posture.