A Few Tips To Help You Improve Your Golf Skills As A Beginner

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Being a newbie in golf, you are likely to look for ways to improve your skill. And here are some useful Golf Lessons Sussex that will help you focus on different aspects of the game while allowing you to improve your expertise as well as your scores, quickly.

The Basics Of Golf

This section is focused on setting up golf along with its different core elements, golf swings as well as its different consequences and also golf drills for various parts of the swing.

  • Setup Golf

Unlike other common sports, golf ball doesn’t move before hitting them. So you have the time and opportunity to position the ball yourself while setting up for the shots. The aspects involved in setting up the game may include alignment stance, position of your hands, distance to the ball, position of the ball, golf grip and posture.

  • Golf Drills

If you want to master the sequences of golf swing, you will notice that some areas to give more troubles than others. So you need to learn golf swing drills in details.

  • Golf Swing

After you position yourself in front of the ball during setting up, the next thing you will do is hitting the ball. Golf swing is undoubtedly complex. It might be broken down into a number of swing sequences which you must strive in order to master the game. And, the swings may include backswing, takeaway, top of the swing, extension and rotation and downswing.

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Fixing Errors

Here are the common errors related to the game that you must fix in order to improve your game.

  • Golf Hook

Some golfers don’t suffer from sliding tendency during their swings. However, some are saddled by equally problematic swing issues and thus they produce golf hooks. Stop hooking. Get help from a professional coach. Learn the reasons for such hooks.

  • Golf Slice

Golf slices are really frustrating for the golfers, especially the beginners as they tend to lose golf balls. Stop slicing and get rid of these ruining effects on golf card. Your Golf Coach might help you know the reasons behind the slices and also instruct you to stop slicing.

Short Game

This may be defined as the shots that the golfers hit from within 100 yards (more or less) to the pin. It is also known as the scoring game because shots made during the game have greater impact on the ultimate score. Learn the tips related to pitching, chipping, hitting bunker shots and putting.

Advanced Game

Now it comes to exploring something more intricate that you can learn by joining Golf Coaching. The things may include shot shaping (both draw and fade) and trouble shots.

  • Shot Shaping

As you have experience in the game, you can reach the point where you want the swings to produce particular shot shapes needed for specific situations. You might want to explore hitting shots curving around or under certain obstacles. Shot shaping requires you to know tips related to drawing the ball, fading the ball, increasing driver distance and hitting low golf shots.

  • Trouble Golf Shots

While playing the game, you may encounter plenty of trouble shots, regularly. The lie conditions of such shots differ from a typical good lie on flat surface. And they need adjustments to the swing for producing desired outcome.