“Drive for Dough, Putt for Dough” – The New Golf Phrase?

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So I’ve been asked to discuss driving in this week’s blog and give some tips on how to drive the ball better and longer with the big stick!! Firstly before I dive into the physics (sorry we have to get into the detail) we are all physically different in both mobility and strength so one technique doesn’t fit all and don’t try and copy the guys on TV!!!

I am going to discuss what is optimal for the average golfer (the majority of amateurs!!) with a moderate swing speed, impact will be obviously different for faster more powerful players.

Let’s start with what are you looking for distance or control/consistency? Note that one will trade with the other unfortunately.

Time to look at the facts, I found this great image online
Ideal Launch
Max distance requires you to hit up on it, so get your high tees out (orange castle tee). A wide stance and a ball positioned forward will be a good start. Impact location on the face I would suggest middle or slightly above to ensure a higher launch. Technically think of a swing that hits the ball upwards off the high tee!

Control and distance requires the club to be travelling slightly up at impact, mid size tee (pink castle), ball position slightly inside your lead, left heel. Strike wise you need to hit the middle to just below it on the face. For your technique I would suggest you think about sweeping the ball off the tee.

Max control requires the club to be travelling slightly down at impact, note I said the club travelling down not you! I see too much lunging at the ball causing massive skied upward shots. So at set up a lower tee is required (Pink or white castle tee) and a slightly backward ball position, more inside the lead left heel. For your technique think about striking the top of the tee peg, don’t hit at the ball!! This will ensure a middle to slightly lower strike on the face to get the correct spin on the ball.

To help you learn and become more aware of your striking I have a great practice drill for you, it involves a can of power foot spray. This drill will help you learn where to hit the ball on the face, click the link below to watch the video.

Strike awareness drill video

Don’t forget I am always hand to help and advise, just reach out and ask. If you are not local did you know I also offer online lessons via Whatsapp, the process is explained here – Online lessons with Steve Furlonger

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