Essential Things You Need To Know About Golf Clubs As A Beginner

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As it comes to golf lessons or any other sports, right set of equipment always helps. However, it shouldn’t mean that you empty your bank account to buy them. Rather you should be focused on finding the equipment that can help you develop your skills with nominal expenses. Oftentimes, people tend to run after the latest products on the market, but if it is golf, you can start the quest with just a few clubfitters. Make learning your priority, not buying.

  • You Need Only A Couple Of Clubs

According to golf rules, you can carry up to 14 clubs in the bag. But you don’t need them all as the beginner. You can easily start with a putter, a driver, a sand wedge and supplement with an 8- iron and a 6-iron, a hybrid with 18 to 21 degrees of the loft and a fairway wood. These are the easiest and most forgiving to get airborne. You may find used titanium drivers and putters for much less at an online store. You can also find them at a discounted price at any leading golf and general sports goods store.

  • Try Before You Get One

If you are a newbie, before you make final buying decision, visit a golf shop and ask to try a 6-iron with a stiff flex and a regular flex shaft. One of these is likely to feel easier and more controllable; choose that. As you get becoming a pro in the game, you can make stable and consistent contact. You may get help regarding this from your golf coach in Surrey.

Golf Stick & Ball

  • The More Loft Makes It Better

If you are not so strong and well-coordinated gamer skilled in stick and ball sports like softball, baseball, tennis, hockey, choose woods with more loft. The additional loft helps you better to get the golf ball in the air. It also reduces sidespin letting the shots fly straight. Choose drivers with a minimum of 10 degrees of loft. On the other hand, for fairway woods, you should start with 17 degrees.

  • Buy Clubs Specifically Made For The New Athletes

Some clubs are simpler to hit than its counterparts. You will be better off with hybrids rather than 3-, 4- and 5- irons. Irons with extended soles usually alleviate the club sticking in the field while you hit farther behind the ball. Also, more weight in the sole reduces the center of gravity of the iron helping the shots launch on high trajectories. Usually, a more forgiving iron features a sole measuring from front to back about the width of two fingers. If the sole of the iron measures below one finger width, you better avoid it.

  • Choose The Ideal Ball

As it comes to buying the balls, do it on a sliding scale depending on how many you tend to lose in a single round. If you are a beginner or usually lose two or even more sleeves in a round, choose balls that cost the least. As you become consistent with your game and number of lost balls comes to 3 to 5 a round, you may consider buying a bit expensive balls.