Get a Grip on Your Game

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This blog is based on a question that was asked by a client recently, the golf grip and its importance. Over the years I have studied the golf grip for many hours, watching thousands of swings and books. The fact is that there hasn’t been anyone on the planet that has taught an unorthodox grip. Why? Its basic anatomy, if you align your hands neutrally on the handle of the golf club you will control the club face much more consistently.  The biggest problems I see come for poorly aligned weak grips.

Your hold or grip will influence how much you can twist the grip and rotate your club face during the swing. From the thousands of golfers I have taught, all who slice the golf ball. ALL of them had weak unorthodox palm led grips. Take a look at this picture and compare to your current grip, I have demonstrated some sound basics that ALL good players display.
Grip on your game
Why not try some different or unorthodox grips when you next practice and see how they influence your ball flight?

You can also view this video I have made on the grip

Perfect Your Golf Grip

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