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Learn from a European Tour Coach and the most experienced GRF teacher in the world

With the latest cutting edge 3d force plate technology, Steve is now regarded as one of the best ground reaction force coaches in the world. Currently, he is coaching 3 professional players on the European tour, 2 on the Challenge tour, 4 Europro tour players, and numerous elite and international amateur players, helping them increase speed and power with effective foot action and improved ground reaction forces.

On average Steve helps his players increase clubhead speed of 5-6 mph at the first lesson and with his prescribed tailored training program these gains will continue.

Each lesson is accompanied by a full and in-depth video report of the player’s ground reaction forces which is supplied in an online cloud folder produced for the client, accompanied with drills from the lesson and a full summary from his launch monitor. This folder can also be shared with the player’s home coach to aid development.

Up to 60% of your speed and power (depending on the shot) is generated from the ground, therefore you must make sure you are gaining maximum power through effective foot action during your swing. Ground reaction forces should be measured by a 3D dual plate system, anything less is doing your game an injustice!

Force proceeds motion!

60-minute 3D Ground Reaction Force Lesson
(1 player or 1 player accompanied by their coach) –  £105

6 month and 12-month tour professional, elite, or seriously minded amateur player development packages are available on request, contact Steve to discuss your requirements.

Some of the best tour professional players, international elite amateur players, and competitive long drivers work with Steve on the speed and power from the tee.