This Study Will Help Lower Your Golf Score

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The subject this week’s blog is one that has NEVER been ask about by clients in the 16 years of coaching, pre-shot routine and how consistent players prepare for the required shot on the course.

An interesting study I read online this year was one conducted by RSM in conjunction with the European tour. The focus of the study was on how time taken over the ball affects the outcome of the player’s shot. Interestingly the results proved that players who took less time over the ball (pre-shot) executed better shots. Three key findings that really amazed me were:

1.  Spending less time over the ball could earn a European Tour player an extra €189k per season. (HOW MUCH?!)  

2. Quicker shots improve performance. A shorter time over the ball across all putts results in a 90 per cent increase in the likelihood of strokes gained. (HOLE MORE PUTTS!!) 

3. Consistency of time spent over the ball leads to a greater chance of making the cut. When players are more consistent in rounds one and two they are 50 per cent more likely to make the cut compared to less consistent players. (LOWER SCORES!)

Players Performance

Download the full study report here

For you this could be a game changer, hole more putts or hit more fairways and greens.

So where and how do you start?  

(1) Get a consistent pre-shot routine, copy a pro or create your own signature it doesn’t matter just have something consistent that gets you ready relatively quickly. What is important that you follow the SAME steps / process EVERY time.

(2) Don’t dwell after the shot, simply evaluate it and then MOVE ON. Great players FORGET the past and focus on the present (what is required next shot!)

Need a hand to create a tour pro quality pre-shot routine that will stand up to any test? I have created one for you. Click the link below to see my video on YouTube

VIDEO – Pre-shot routine, get in the zone

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